BHRT in Women

Are you struggling with low libido? Are you tired of waking up from night sweats with no energy?

Ready to start feeling like yourself again?

Our doctor-prescribed treatments for menopausal symptoms are here to help you reclaim your vitality! Our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is scientifically backed, comprehensive, and personalized to fit your needs, lifestyle, and body.

Get back those feelings of well-being with the relief from night sweats, mood swings, anxiety & low libido—start feeling like yourself again today with Doctor Moose’s innovative, holistic BHRT treatments for women.  It is very important to address ALL your hormones, not just one or two.  We balance all of them for you.

Hot flashes got you down?

We can help. At Doctor Moose, we understand that every woman’s body is different. And so are the changes and impacts of menopause. That’s why we work closely with you to design and develop a truly personalized BHRT treatment plan that helps you feel like yourself again.

Estrogen Therapy

Experience the power of a complete holistic-focused wellness journey! Our base estrogen replacement therapy helps you unlock your body’s best state, cultivate positivity and peace in your mind and moods, as well as ignite passion through enhanced sexual vitality.

Progesterone Therapy

Our innovative progesterone replacement therapy could perfectly complement your personalized estrogen treatment plan! At Doctor Moose, we specialize in helping you identify if this cutting-edge solution could help you get back on track.

Testosterone and DHEA Therapy

Women need testosterone too!  It affects a woman’s sense of well-being just as much as it does a man’s.  In general, women do not need as much, but the benefits are obvious and profound. This combination therapy works to give you the maximum testosterone boost, helping you build lean muscle and maintain a healthy weight. Plus, it can also help increase libido for an all-encompassing transformative experience.

Thyroid Hormone Optimization

Are you tired of being told your thyroid function is “normal” when your body keeps telling you it is not?  Come to experience a comprehensive approach to optimal thyroid health.  Very few clinics utilize the best approach to evaluate the thyroid.

Cortisol Hormone Stabilization

Too many people in our culture suffer from CHRONIC STRESS!  If you are one of them, it is likely your cortisol levels have been affected.  Depending on the severity they could be either too high or too low.  Do not wait until you just can’t make it anymore.  Come in now for a hormone tune-up!  We have a lot to offer.

We're partners on your wellness journey!

Our mission at Doctor Moose is to focus on all aspects of you—body, sex life, mental clarity, and mood stability–for a wholly personalized plan that’ll get the results you’ve been searching for!

Take control of your menopause today with the specialists at Doctor Moose.