Optimal Nutrition

Are you tired of feeling overweight tired?

You probably know the primary key to a healthy lifestyle is what you choose to use as fuel for your body.  But did you know you can make the right choice and still not get it right?  If you do not have optimal levels of the various vitamins and minerals, then your body cannot metabolize it efficiently.

If you struggle with feeling like your body isn’t functioning as best as it can, you may be running at half-speed. Everything you eat, drink, and do with your body plays a critical role in how it functions daily. So, what can you do?

Why does it matter?

When you’re testing for optimal nutrition, the approach and process are everything. Did you know physicians typically limit vitamin and mineral testing to just vitamins B12 and D? Is that a thorough investigation of what your body needs to function well? Not even close!

Aim higher than “normal” and strive for “optimal health!”

According to the food and drug administration, “normal levels” of nutrients serve only to prevent diseases caused by deficiencies. However, promoting levels beyond this will help ensure a more efficient and effective metabolism. You’re only healthy enough not to get sick!  You are not healthy enough to thrive!

Doctor Moose dietitians believe nutrition is a cornerstone to health – taking comprehensive steps towards creating personalized nutritional care plans for each patient. Our team is dedicated to understanding how their dietary well-being will ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

With Doctor Moose, you can count on a customized treatment plan tailored to fit your individual needs! We are dedicated to diagnosing and helping each patient conquer any nutrition struggles that keep them from being the best version of themselves.

Discover the best you again with the expert team at Doctor Moose today!