Optimal Thyroid Function

Are you tired of being put through test after test for your thyroid, only to be left with more questions than answers?


Are you ready to start feeling like yourself again?


Your Thyroid Gland is the powerhouse behind your metabolism, growth, and development. Unlock its potential to keep your body humming along!​


When you feel a bit “off” or find yourself carrying extra weight, it could be your thyroid telling the story. Commonly overlooked and underestimated, this small gland can cause significant disruptions to overall well-being – from slower cognitive processes to thinning hair and dry skin. Thyroid hormones impact every cell and organ in our body!


So why are you spending so much money on testing that doesn’t deliver results and leaving you still trying to figure out what’s happening with your body?

Why aren't you getting answers?

Countless patients flock to their doctors, believing they have a thyroid disorder. However, after the usual testing is done, typically, the results come back “normal,” leaving many of us feeling stumped and perplexed. Many times, the patient is correct, and they do have a thyroid disorder.

Many doctors miss potentially serious thyroid issues because they stick to the standard “TSH” test, overlooking other means of detecting thyroid dysfunction. Identifying problems early can help ensure better health outcomes in the long run.

Aim higher than “normal!”  Strive for “optimal health!”

That’s where Doctor Moose comes in.

Our full-featured package will help you pinpoint the right lab tests to fully analyze your thyroid health. Get a clear picture of what’s going on and easily make informed decisions!

We look at everything as a whole set of results, not as several individual results. Our team of experts assists you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of how molecular biology signaling directly affects thyroid function. Together, we can unlock the mysteries behind this crucial area of knowledge!

We help you get your thyroid back in optimal shape so you can live your best life. Call us today to find out how!