Medically Supervised Weight Management

Do you struggle with weight that keeps coming back no matter what you do?


You’re not alone. Losing weight is never easy. Most of the time, it’s an up-and-down battle—no matter how much you lose, it seems like the moment you skip one day in the diet, the weight returns with a vengeance.

Comprehensive Weight Management Center

At Doctor Moose, we recognize the challenge of achieving your weight-loss goals. Unfortunately, success often depends on much more than just dedication and perseverance! We are here to help you find realistic solutions to these unique challenges that fit into your lifestyle so you can reach those targets.


Our team of professionals provides tailored nutrition counseling and access to leading-edge weight loss medications, empowering individuals to take control of their health. Kickstart an invigorating journey to lasting wellness with our innovative weight-loss treatments. Push past what’s stopping you and unlock the door to a happier, healthier life. Let us be your partner in that journey!

Medical weight loss: Why choose us?

Doctor Moose is an unbeatable partner on your journey to unlock a healthier, happier version of you! With us by your side, we’ll help equip and energize you with the tools needed for success. So, let’s get started today! We’re committed to helping you reach every goal. When you choose us, you’ll get access to the following:

Personalized care

Being overweight can be more than just a cosmetic issue, as it is linked to various serious health problems – from diabetes to heart disease. However, you can control your well-being more with the right lifestyle changes and diet modifications! Our physicians are here to fully assess your health situation, uncovering all possible issues for an effective and pinpointed treatment plan. We’re in this together! We’ll craft customized and personalized weight loss plans around your needs, dream results, and daily life – creating a roadmap to success.

Full range of weight loss aids

Our physicians are revolutionizing the way to lose weight with cutting-edge tools, giving patients a compelling and exciting solution for their journey. Whether you’re looking for medication, meal replacements, or more, our team helps create the right treatment options for you.

Medical weight loss services

Our medical bariatric treatments provide tailored, personalized solutions for your journey toward achieving weight loss goals. With our comprehensive range of options, you’ll have the support and guidance necessary to reach success!

Weight loss medication

Medications, including those often referred to as “weight loss pills,” can be powerful tools in your journey toward a healthier you! By either controlling cravings or regulating blood sugar levels, these medicines may prove an effective way to help shed any unwanted pounds.

Meal replacements advice

Transform your health with a revolutionary meal replacement program recommended by physicians. Through HMR, you’ll have access to delicious and nutritious foods such as protein shakes that will help keep you energized throughout the day and get on track for success!

Nutrition guidance

Let our nutrition professionals coach you on how to optimize your diet and lifestyle for long-term success! With individualized support, we’ll arm you with knowledge and strategies to set the foundation for a healthier future.

With Doctor Moose’s highly skilled and experienced team, you can count on customized treatment plans tailored to your needs! We are dedicated to helping each patient conquer their weight loss struggles that keep them from being the best version of themselves.


Discover the best you again with the expert team at Doctor Moose today!